Video surveillance

Video surveillance

The business mission and vision of our team is to complete solutions, reasonable prices, superior quality and professional customer service, improve the safety of life and increase the efficiency of business processes of our clients.

The focus of the business is focused on the design, installation and maintenance of technical systems, telecommunication systems, especially video surveillance systems, alarm systems, fire systems, VoIP telephony..

Oriented to maximize customer value in use, develop ongoing relationships with the trade, service and manufacturing companies, the construction sector and to individuals.

The primary focus of operations is reduced to:

Design, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems

Design, installation and maintenance of alarm protection systems and providing alarm monitoring services for buildings, vehicles

Design, installation and maintenance of VoIP systems for digital Voice over Internet Protocol telephone traffic

Design, installation and maintenance of other security systems.

Camera for car

Camera for car

A huge advantage of this mini camera in comparison to other models tracking device is that, it has a viewing angle of 140 degrees (Fish Eye) and he does not stop, record, and while the car charger. To conserve power and memory, and your time you spend watching videos, owns activation of movement (motion detection). This is extremely important function will effectively capture all night only at the time when something happens. This device supports a memory card of 32 GB, so it is one of the few models of micro-camera that can record video up to 50h.

Camera car is an ideal solution in the event of a traffic accident where the recorded audio / video content used as evidence.