Smart systems

Smart systems

What are intelligent systems?

Intelligent (smart) systems (smart home, smart house) are a combination of technology and style of living. Smart house systems integrate the heating and cooling systems, burglar and fire protection systems, and home lighting into a single unit, allowing efficient use of energy and comfort management company. This system enhances the value and security of your home, your home more pleasant and enjoyable to live, and economical use of energy will reduce your cost of living.

The whole system is based on a central processing system that controls and manages all other home systems. In today's technology, only the imagination limits the price of equipment in smart home. The CPU receives information from the outside world through a variety of temperature sensors (air, outer space, etc.). Then light, mechanical sensor open / closed doors and windows, a humidity sensor (baths), motion detection sensor, fire, smoke, etc..

The information obtained is processed in the processor and based on the defined rules, the processor controls other devices, lighting, air conditioning, heating system, automatic systems, windows, doors, valves for water, gas, in a word, all that exists in the home. All devices are connected to a central network to be able to control and monitor various positions. The network can be performed with a cable, or wireless using the existing power grid.

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