As you can see, the studio is engaged in producing furniture, interior decoration and adaptation of housing and work space.

If you want to refurbish your apartment or office call us, because in addition to the furniture, and we can give you advice about other problems with the adaptation of space as well as its efficiency.

Complete development of interior

If you want to renovate the space designated for the turnkey, call us to arrange. Fabricated interior requires the change of old installations, external and internal joinery, change configuration walls and making decorative details, suspended ceilings, plaster elements, replacement or repair of the floors, to the furniture, etc.

Kitchen Design Decor

Kitchens have a special place in the range of the furniture. Extremely large selection of colors allows various combinations of cool colors and designs over wood-color, through tree-patterns to warm and vibrant colors that we highly recommend. If you want to renovate the kitchen but there is no way to avoid and just banging tiles because creating different policies on the tiles they can be hidden partly and fit into a complete kitchen interior.




American closets

  • American closets

    Systems with sliding doors better known as American closets.

    They are used for kitchens, barrier gates, offices...

    It is therefore very important that the interior bedroom is comfortable and provides an opportunity for quality rest.

Solar panels

  • Solar panel

    Solar panels are expensive solar cells, which, when exposed to light at each end provide certain voltage, usually 12V, 24V and 48V, which can be used for battery charging and later for the intended use.

Video surveillance


  • Electronics

    We won the last production of LED display technology with enormous possibilities. From various print text, with plenty of different fonts, display simple animations to large LED panel that can display full graphics...

Smart systems

  • Smart systems

    Intelligent (smart) systems (smart home, smart house) are a combination of technology and style of living. Smart house systems integrate the heating and cooling systems, burglar and fire protection systems, and home lighting into a single unit.