We won the last production of LED display technology with enormous possibilities. From various print text, with plenty of different fonts, display simple animations to large LED panel that can display full graphics. We are producing LED displays with single color (red, blue, green or yellow), over three-color display where the user can decide which color to display print / RED, GREEN or YELLOW). until the LED displays that can display all colors.

Text content can be easily and quickly changed. computer or via USB. depending on the type of advertising.

Capacity of the text is huge (the total number of characters placed into memory).

An important feature of these ads (display) is extremely low power consumption, which is important because it is an advertisement designed for continuous operation (24/7). In these displays, install SUPER LEDs of high brightness, which provides very good visibility in daylight (even when the display is set on the sunny side).

According to the customer in the advertisement are installed temperature sensors and advertising can print the current temperature.

All displays have built-in digital clock with the right battery, so the count time continues after a power failure. Thus, the second coming power, does not need any adjustment, the time is still true.

Our advertising displays are packed in different types of frames. Most are packaged in boxes of different aluminium profiles. It is possible to display advertisements and other packing frame variations such as brass, plastic, stainless steel and others.

In addition to the LED display we create traffic and sports scoreboards.