1. Furniture design according to the dimensions of your space

In the first step, it is necessary to precisely also measure your space and try to visualize how it will look when finished. If you are able, we encourage you to seek help interior decorators, architects and craftsmen who will help to complete the project. Select materials and colors of the catalog (you can visit us or view the decor in our online catalog), opt for the type of supporting elements (knobs, wheels and other hardware), and along with his carpenter make a detailed dimensions for each part of the furniture. If necessary, we will give advisory support for the proper utilization of space.

2. Cutting measures by the client

Make order. Our friendly staff will thoroughly examine your actions and help you all the necessary elements spend the least amount of material. All elements of your future furniture will then be carefully cut and ready for assembly. We use the latest generation of CNC equipment and is able to accurately produce each element according to customer regardless of the curvature, dimensions and special requirements.

3. Additional processing

In consultation with you or your master, we can perform additional processing of all materials, straight and curvilinear ABS edge banding tape, drilling, pressing, mounting hardware and all that will later help you quickly and easily mount the furniture in his room.

4. Transport of materials to the customer address

By appointment with you, prepared materials will be delivered to your address.

5. Assembly

All primed elements fit into the space under their plans. If you are not skilled to do this yourself, consult, or use the services DECOR DESIGN.

Enjoy your new piece of furniture or kitchen. You will be satisfied. Not only do you get the furniture, which was measured to be an ideal fit in your space, but you will save up significant resources because its overall cost can be up to 80% lower than the shelf solutions that are offered in the market.