Computer network

Computer network

Today it is almost unthinkable to live and work without a PC. Even companies with a small number of computers connect it to enable the exchange of data. Our home computers are often connected to a large global computer network - the Internet.

A computer network is a connection of computers and other devices that can communicate and share data. Computers on the network are physically connected using Ethernet cards and cables (copper and fiber) or wireless communications (radio waves and microwaves). An integral part of the computer network and communication devices: modems, hubs, switches and routers.

Most computers are networked to form a client / server architecture. Networked computer that is used to provide resources (other computer network) is called the server. Networked computer that uses these resources is called a client or workstation. The server is usually very special, very powerful computer. The main difference between servers and individual computers is the software that is being used. No matter how powerful the server, he needs an operating system that exploits its resources. Servers require special server applications that offer their services online. Workstations or clients, are usually less expensive and weaker PCs. Small network, with a relatively small number of users, can be implemented as a Peer to Peer.

Parent communication devices must use a protocol that controls it. The protocol defines the format and order of messages exchanged between two or more devices, as well as actions taken sending or receiving messages, or other events. The best-known protocols: Bluetooth, Ethernet, Frame Relay, IEEE 802.11, IPX, TCP / IP, TCP, UDP and others

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