American closets

American closets

Systems with sliding doors better known as the closets. It is true that once these systems are only used for the cabinets but still have very broad application. In addition to being used for cabinets used for kitchens, barrier gates, office ... Such systems have many advantages.

It is therefore very important that the interior bedroom is comfortable and provides an opportunity for quality rest.

– Door “glide” it means that when you open the door does not occupy additional space and can be mounted in a very “tight” areas

– Have a flexible application. Not exist as a finished product, but are made to an existing space and can fit into different shapes

– Can be mounted under the stairs in the recesses in the wall, alone...

– Basis for the construction of aluminum so it is very easy to change the fill pattern that is when you want

– Usually placed from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, but it does not have to be the rule

– Interior closets (schedule shelves, drawers telescope, closet rods ...) It is also working towards the needs of the client