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Interior decoration is a topic that is now interested in anyone who wants to do what the space better and more pleasant to live. When designing the interior architects use various tricks to managed to come up with a better idea and check its quality. Also a very important thing is to approach the designed interior investor, technical drawings which often do not give the perception of space. Consequently, the 3D model has become an integral part of each phase of design.

Only twenty years before 3D was a great mystery and 3D presentation space is generally limited to model making, which still have an important role in the design, but it is far more used to the design of the exterior, but the interior design.

If we are talking about displaying the interior, it is possible to display the finest details designed space in the 3D model. Technology has advanced so much that for some 3D representations can not say with certainty whether it is a computer renders or is a real photos of space. 3D model enables quick and easy changes of materials, colors, organization of space, position, lighting and all the other elements that make an interior. Each dilemma about decorating a space can be resolved at the earliest stage of design checking through 3D model. In the end we just left the task to more than one display space we choose the one we like the most.

Through the 3D model can be perceived space and from different angles dial different personnel in the area. It is also important perception of space through the day and night scenes. The role of the lighting is very important in the evening and create a certain atmosphere, which can be defined in a 3D model before selecting rasvetnih body.