about us

Dragan Stojanović d.i.a.


DECOR DESIGN provides detailed conceived the design space, through a synthesis of all types of design and modern technology, which is uniquely defined and applied to every project.

Form a unique design space without impairing functionality, flexibility and comfort that are essential to the user. Create spaces for living, who are pleasant, comfortable and durable.

We rely on original, innovative and practical ideas, we create a strong and high-quality customer relationships by providing quality services, furnishing and design.

DECOR DESIGN offers full service, with expertise in the design of hotels, corporate offices, banking institutions, clinics ... Architectural planning and designing-artist and architect, is a unique combination of skills, which brings with it an ideal base for many solutions, combining architectural precision and artistic creativity to fulfill all your wishes. Architecture, planning and interior design concepts - intended for emergency projects are the driving philosophy of enterprise DECOR-DESIGN.

    Communication is the key to a successful design.
    Depending on what you want to achieve, we developed a design plan in real-time frame. We will work together to spatial planning and the choice of colors, materials, textures, furniture, artworks and accessories.
    If items on your wish list beyond your budget, we will suggest possible alternatives that will meet your expectations. Over the years we have built a reputation for spending money of our clients as it is ours.

We made a selection of well-known and already proven producers of raw materials from Italy, Austria and Germany .. We tried to make our potential customers with high quality, beautiful and functional furniture at prices most accessible, and to offer our range to include everything that was once the home or business premises.

From kitchen appliances, over furniture, beds and closets to office furniture .. As well as our slogan says ... All the furniture and everything!

Therefore we strongly recommend that you call or walk up to us and choosing furniture for your home or office. Within 48 hours you get a free 3D presentation in advance so that you can look at your space and before the equipment performs, which avoids any possible mistakes in the organization of the interior.